Class (redux)

"Trading down the class of property you lease could smash your occupancy costs.  Match business requirements to what you need, not want. The savings might just be dramatic."

We think this savings opportunity is worth repeating. Following is an excerpt from a Portland (OR) Business Journal article dated September 8, 2009:

"As recession drags on, low-price Class B office leases mushroom:
Class B office buildings won the big headlines in the second quarter, a rare feat in a market where fancier and more expensive Class A buildings often dominate the news. Class B buildings are generally a little older with adequate, although not state-of-the-art, systems. Portland has about 19 million square feet of Class B space and 24.8 million square feet of Class A space. So far this year, Class B leases account for 37 percent of new lease transactions, though overall transaction volume is down. Normally, Class B represents 11 percent of leases..."

Smart Words really are smart!