National Contract Leads to Streamlined Process


Avon Products, Inc., a $10+ billion global manufacturer and marketer of cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, jewelry, apparel and home furnishings.


Decentralized management of security monitoring for field offices had resulted in inconsistent pricing, billings errors, poor customer service, and a general dissatisfaction with the quality and cost of its security services. Galaxy was engaged to analyze the problem and recommend and implement a plan to reduce costs and improve service for Avon’s New York, New York headquarters and 300+ U.S. field offices. Company procedures for initiating or discontinuing security were inconsistent and no link existed between the inventory of currently leased locations and security obligations, resulting in monitoring services being paid on closed or inactive locations. 

Galaxy conducted a Request For Proposal (RFP) process to identify and engage the best vendor for Avon’s security needs. A uniform, national service contract was negotiated with an industry-leading security company. Galaxy designed a customized billing statement which provided clear tracking of location changes and minimized billing errors. Further, Galaxy established new procedures for and integrated the terms of the new security agreement into Galaxy’s proprietary real estate software resulting in significantly better control over costs and processes.


Galaxy Partners saved over $300,000 by structuring and negotiating a favorable national contract with a leading security services company to provide systems and monitoring services to Avon Products, Inc.’s portfolio of training centers.  The improved contract also included more flexible terms to streamline the process of establishing, maintaining and cancelling security monitoring at each location.