Recovering Lease Overpayments


WestPoint Home, a $1.7 billion maker of bed linens and home soft goods.


WestPoint Home leased 145,000 square feet in a Manhattan office tower.  For years the company engaged local professionals to audit the lease expenses billed by the landlord.  WestPoint chose to engage Galaxy Partners to perform a cost and recovery analysis for the current year and prior year of the lease.

Galaxy Partners analyzed the original lease including its twenty-two amendments and performed a cost and recovery analysis.  Galaxy’s painstaking analysis revealed several lease requirements the landlord failed to follow and discovered a number of billing discrepancies overlooked by the prior reviewers.


Galaxy identified nearly $1 Million in lease overpayments for the client.  Galaxy represented WestPoint in negotiations with the landlord and secured full restitution of the overpaid amounts, resulting in a nearly $1 Million lump sum payment back to the client.