Carefully review the turnover condition of space you are about to occupy (or return to your landlord) to avoid hidden costs and latent problems.

As you expand into new space or return some space to your landlord, consider a couple of often overlooked delivery conditions that could cost you money.  In most jurisdictions, current building codes require tenants to remove low voltage telecommunications cabling when they surrender the premises.  Don’t assume that cabling you observed when you toured the space will be available for your use when you actually take possession and move in. If returning space, you may be responsible for terminating and removing existing cabling prior to turnover.

Also, above-ceiling mechanical and plumbing systems often have to be redistributed or terminated if the demarcation of demised space is changed.  Tenants should carefully negotiate and document those “above-ceiling” items for which the landlord will be responsible.

For an excellent checklist of turnover “thought starters”, click here