You might just avoid thousands of dollars of theft and property damage by setting up roving property security patrols to aid loss prevention.

We have observed a nasty trend evolving.  Bold thieves are stealing coils from commercial roof-top and isolated ground-mounted HVAC units.  Crime reports have been rising rapidly in Florida, California, Texas, and other states with modern equipment.  The felons primarily target vacant, single-story, retail and industrial properties served by multiple roof-top units.

To effectively protect your assets, set up a loss prevention program and include roving security patrols.  Emphasize checking of roof tops and the security of any access barriers now in place (e.g. locked access doors and ladders).  Consider informing your property neighbors of your plans and ask them to alert you should they observe people on your property.  An ounce of prevention can stop many pounds of damage, expense and headaches.