Effective corporate real estate management uses leverage to maximize value.

Effective corporate real estate management uses leverage to maximize value.  A seasoned, professional real estate consultant creates leverage by using experience, know-how, and time-tested processes.  The following story wonderfully illustrates this concept and is presented with the permission of Mark Fitzgerald.

“Moving Pianos”

“When I was young I delivered pianos. It was a good job; not high paying but
interesting.  I was in high school at the time. I weighed 135 pounds soaking wet. And I don't mean a compact muscular 135 pounds either. I mean a lanky, semi-scrawny, somewhat boney 135 pounds. Delivering pianos after school can be hard work, but it has its moments.

The best part of the job was the initial meeting with the customer, always an adult and often a much larger person than I was. I'd show up in a van which stood fairly high off the ground because of the oversized suspension. (Pianos are heavy, very heavy). I, skinny and shy, would greet the new piano owner who would invariably ask about my helpers. They'd be mildly annoyed that I was alone and that they would have to help. They were incredulous when I told them that insurance rules strictly forbade them from doing anything but hold the door for me. They could not touch the pianos until I had it them place in their living rooms. None of them believed that this could possibly ever happen.

It gets worse. They clearly expected that the truck would have some sort of lift on it. It didn't. They certainly thought that I must have some special equipment. I hadn't any. Pianos are moved with only a very small rubber-wheeled dolly that slips underneath and several thick movers' blankets. Using only the blankets (to avoid scratching the cabinet), I'd take the instrument off of the truck. Using the dolly I'd wheel it into place, sometimes with the assistance of the blankets on the stairs. I never scratched or chipped a piano. I did my work very quickly. I always got big tips.
Pianos are big and heavy. But big and heavy is no match for understanding and leverage. Pianos are cumbersome. But unwieldiness is no match for appropriate and simple tools. Pianos moved improperly can get you hurt. But one mover who knows what he's doing is safer than are two who don't. It's dangerous to accept help from well-meaning amateurs because the helpers usually just destroy the leverage.”    

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Real estate, like pianos, can be a big, unwieldy and expensive asset.  A seasoned advisor who knows what they are doing can guide you to the optimal result, at the lowest cost and greatest value to your business.

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