Partnering Drives ROI

Partnering plus integrated workplace management technology creates value

Do more with less is every company’s mantra in a challenging economy.  Yes, but how?  

Partnering can offer an amazingly effective solution.  By combining in-house knowledge of strategy and culture with outside market-tested Corporate Real Estate (CRE) expertise, Partnering can deliver a significant ROI …. and fast.  

To create a successful CRE partnering arrangement, you must:

  • Clearly define processes and roles,
  • Employ integrated workplace management technology, and
  • Build in financial incentives to drive efficiency and ongoing improvements.

To do this yourself, you could laboriously review your existing processes, map these to a software application, evaluate your team’s talents, adjust headcount accordingly, implement the software, restructure compensation arrangements, roles, and duties, etc.

Or, you could hire a seasoned service firm as your partner.  The right firm will already have efficient processes and procedures in place, a well-trained, capable team, an investment in or familiarity with software technology, and have a long track record of success.  Further, if you structure the partner’s compensation to reward cost savings and efficiency you can deliver a ready-made ROI that will make your CFO smile (really, CFO’s can smile).

ROI in the 15% - 25% range is achievable.  How?  From cost savings, mistake avoidance, and faster delivery of reliable information for decisions.  

So, to do more with less, find a qualified service firm who understands partnering, and structure your business arrangement to maximize the strengths of each partner to maximize efficiency.  You and your CFO will smile at the result.

Galaxy Partners is a national corporate real estate firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Galaxy provides Consulting, Transaction, and Management services exclusively to corporate clients throughout the USA.

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